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Mobile  Pressure Washing Service & Detailing  

Servicing The Greater Denver Area 

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About Us

Shiny Toys Mobile Pressure Washing & Detailing has been in the mobile pressure washing & detailing industry for many years and has recently expanded. We started off as a small side hustle in the Littleton Colorado area sharing what we love to do. Clean cars, trucks, motorcycles, Rv's, boats and even private aircraft. 

Everybody loves getting into a clean car. The smell, the look and fell of a spotless ride is so rewarding and comfortable that most really enjoy and want every time we get in our cars. The problem is taking the time to actually clean it inside and out on a regular basis. With life as busy as it is now days, we find ourselves eating and drinking in our cars on the way to work and on our daily tasks. We get so busy we put off cleaning our cars to the weekend and then our house chores get in the way. 

First there was On-Demand for Taxi's, now Shiny Toys brings you On-Demand for Car Detailing to the lucky residents in the Denver area.
Why leave your home or work to wait in line at a hand car wash when Shiny Toys comes to you.

If you find yourself sitting at a car wash, or searching for the nearest hand carwash on Google... Ask yourself:
What's your time worth?
What will you miss out on whilst you're waiting at the hand carwash?
If you wash it yourself or use a drive through carwash...
Do you have all the equipment to clean and protect your car?
Does the automatic carwash clean your interior and how harsh are the brushes on your paintwork?

If you've ever asked yourself any of the above questions, try Shiny Toys today!
Shiny Toys saves you time:
We come to you so you can stay at your home or office.
We bring everything we need - access to power & water not required.
Parked underground? No problemo! We have lights too!
Shiny Toys saves you money:
Don’t want to spend a million dollars, but you want it to look a million dollars... We've got you covered! A mobile detail is only $69 car + $10 SUV.
Clients often compare Shiny Toys to mobile car cleaners/detailers 2 - 3x the price.

Our Services

Our wide range of mobile pressure washing services and mobile car detailing programs are designed to fit every budget. Our team of highly trained mobile pressure washers and car detailing experts are here to deliver quality results and to ensure that your pressure washing or car detailing service is to your high standards. Our services range from mobile car washes, mobile pressure washing, gutter cleaning, driveway cleaning, deck - patio cleaning, fence pressure washing, trash can cleaning and more. We detail a wide range such as; cars, trucks, vans, RV's, semi trucks, ATV's, motorcycles, private aircraft, homes, and more. If you have a special project, give us a call and we can probably help you out. 

We have a large team that strictly focuses on Amazon DSP, Delivery Service Partners van fleet. If you are an Amazon DSP and need your fleet cleaned on the regular please give us a call. We have a program that goes above and beyond any other mobile pressure washer service for your fleet. Our owner managed a very successful DSP with a fleet of over 70 vans and step vans so we know exactly what your drivers are concerned about when entering a van after stand up to begin a route. 

Mobile Pressure Washing Service - Amazon Delivery service partners

Our mobile pressure washing service is geared toward Amazon Delivery Service Partners. In fact, it's where we started our fleet mobile pressure washing service. 

ShinyToys is your ultimate stop to solve your cleaning problems. Our team of diligent and certified workers are experts when it comes to dealing and cleaning stubborn stains, scratch marks, heavy dirt, etc. from multiple surfaces. By using our incredible Mobile Pressure Washing, we ensure that your surfaces are neat and clean as we use a high-pressure water system to clean vehicles and different equipment.

With over ten years of experience in the field, our goals are to deliver excellence and fully satisfy our clients. We have the most modern equipment and tools that are eco-friendly and allow us to easily deal with vast washing requirements, including washing of trucks, semitrailers, heavy machinery, building exteriors, sidewalks, alleys, dumpsters, etc.

Stains and mud can make your expensive vehicles, machinery, and equipment to look old and worn out. Our main aim is to provide you with impeccable Mobile Pressure Washing that keeps your vehicles, equipment, and machinery in top-notch condition. Apart from this, we also provide Mobile Pressure Washing of your residence. Use this exceptional service to maintain your house's property value and keep it looking it's absolute best throughout the year. Mobile Pressure Washing includes a thorough cleaning of the driveway that tends to get grease stains, trails of mud, dust, and other gunk, pressure washing the fence and the house, as dirt tends to set on the surface over time. You can also trust us with your patio, deck, and gutters cleaning as we cater to all these areas.

 Our mobile pressure washing service is your one-stop solution to your cleaning problems, and Mobile Pressure Washing is the ultimate star of the show as it can clean almost any stain in no time. Mobile Pressure Washing uses the latest state of the art pressure washing technology, which is capable of rinsing and clean the dirt off any surface. The hot water, along with the pressure, is an unstoppable duo of Mobile Pressure Washing that helps us at ShinyToys to provide our clients with the highest quality service. Book our services online and let us introduce you to a new, phenomenal world of cleaning.

Semi Truck Wash - Mobile Truck Washing

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Car Detailing 

Shiny Toys Detailing has removed complicated car wash pricing boards and created three car details that include everything you need to leave your car sparkling!
And we can do them anywhere - we are fully mobile and come to you for the same price!
Offices, apartments, even schools and locations without power, water and in some instances, parking!

Motorcycle & ATV Detailing


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